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We all want ways to fit in fitness into our busy schedules. The right DVD can make significant difference, whether you prefer low-impact workouts that are easy to follow or full-body exercises with a short timeframe.

Denise Austin’s DVD features the 12-minute workout that targets different parts of the body daily. Each segment is designed to be performed individually or in a sequence to give an all-body workout. It’s a great option for beginners looking to get into a routine regimen or for those who are already active and looking to improve their stamina and strength.

The trainer who made a name for herself on NBC’s The Biggest Loser promises to “eliminate fat.” This three-DVD series will make you sweat. It contains two 10-minute workouts. But don’t be worried if think this is the wrong level for you; each session includes a simpler option for those who can’t do the more difficult movements.

74-year-old Jane Fonda’s beyond-cheesy music and Richard Simmons-style headband may be a bit off-putting but her workouts are effective. She follows the same movements that she has used in her best-selling workouts, such as upper and lower body isometric exercises and exercises with hand weights. She ensures the correct posture throughout.

One of the only negative aspects of this DVD is that a recent study by an University of Washington professor found that its model models were a way to highlight the flaws in their bodies, with a majority of women’s bodies being covered up. This DVD offers a 30 day healthy eating program, along with worksheets for self-reflection.

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