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No matter if you’re a brand-new teacher searching for ideas or an experienced educator looking to recharge your classroom, these books will assist you in finding your passion. These inspiring teaching books provide evidence-based information as well as practical classroom techniques that will help you to ignite your imagination, compassion and connection with your students.

The best-selling book in the market is about the impact of teachers on lives. Fifth-grade teacher Rafe Esquith challenges entrenched ideas about the barriers to education and enthuses readers with his personal stories of students who achieved excellence in Shakespeare and algebra.

The authors of this text examine how teachers can utilize programs that promote mindfulness to help students overcome trauma, anxiety and stress. Using a step-by-step approach the authors explain how to foster a safe and comfortable learning environment that contributes to students’ success.

This book demonstrates the importance of listening to his explanation students’ voices and creating an adaptive, differentiated program that supports all learners. The authors discuss ways to inspire students to become leaders and advocates for themselves in the classroom and beyond.

This book is a rousing one that emphasizes the importance of teaching students to be brave. Former teacher shares her tale of courage with readers and instructs them on the different kinds of courage required to be successful in the world.

This collection of stories by editor Joseph Underwood answers two fundamental questions. Each contributor talks about their most memorable breakthrough moments and the lessons they have learned along the way, inspiring readers without being condescending or preachy.

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